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Insurance Products

We offer a wide range of insurance products to look after all your insurance needs.

Home Insurance

We offer a variety of Home Insurance products to make sure you are well protected and receive a fair value.  Our goal is to give you the tools and information that will allow you to make the best choices to protect your home.

Farm Insurance

From small hobby farms, to large grain farms, we work together to create a policy that meets the specific needs of your operation.  Whether it's your farm buildings, machinery, tools, grain, or livestock, we've got you covered. 

Commercial Insurance

We work with small to medium size businesses to provide the protection you need.  Being a local small business, we take pride in making sure you are provided with the tools you need to protect yours.


As an authorized autopac agent, we can look after your driver's licensing needs, as well as your personal, farm, or commercial vehicle insurance.  We also offer a variety of MPI services such as Driver's Z registration, appointment scheduling, and more. 

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance not only protects your belongings, but it also provides coverage for liability claims, as well as additional living expenses should you have to move our of your apartment due to a covered loss. 

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance polices not only cover your belongs, but these polices extend to cover a wide variety of claims such as improvements & betterment's made by, or purchased by you.  There are numerous extension built in to these policies, talk to one of our brokers for a full description.

Marine Insurance

It is a good practice to insure your boat or personal watercraft on a separate marine policy.  These  policies can provide broader coverage, and claims under these policies don't affect your home insurance rates.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance covers you for  injury or sickness requiring an emergency hospital stay or emergency medical treatment while traveling outside of Manitoba.