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Home Insurance - What does it cover?

Your home is usually the biggest investment you will ever make.  Making sure you are well protected is worth the time it takes to review all of your options.  Your broker plays an important role in asking the right questions that will determine what coverage options are right for you.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions on how to best protect your investment.  Our goal isn't to sell you insurance, but to help you buy it.

Below is a brief outline of some of the typical coverages available when insuring your home.  Contact one of our brokers to get a complete explanation of your coverage options.

Your Dwelling

Protecting your home is the primary purpose of your home insurance policy.  These types of policies provide coverage for losses that occur suddenly and accidentally and generally provide replacement cost coverage.  

Detached Structures

Any detached structure on your property that is used for personal use can usually be included under the detached structure provision.  This is included in your homeowners package and the limit of coverage will be based on the amount of coverage you have on your dwelling. 

Personal Property

One of the coverages built into a homeowners' policy is coverage for your belongings against unforeseen loss or damage caused by an insured peril.  The limit of insurance for Personal Property is also based on the amount of coverage you have on your dwelling.  

Additional Living Expenses

If you have to move out of your home due to an insured loss, your homeowners' policy will cover the cost of necessary alternative living arrangements.  It could also cover the cost of meals will you're out of your home.


Another important aspect of any homeowners' insurance policy is liability coverage.  Bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence is what this coverage is designed to cover you for.

Optional Coverages

No matter which coverage you choose for your home insurance, there are always optional coverages that are available to better protect your home.  Things like Sewer Back Up, Service Line Coverage, Home Equipment Breakdown, and many more, are available for an additional premium.

If you are interested in a quote for Home Insurance, please fill in the information below, and one of our brokers will be in contact with you shortly.
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Have you ever had Home Insurance before?
If you have had insurance before, please indicate the date since you have had continuous coverage.
If you currently have Home Insurance, have you had any claims or losses in the last 5 years?
In the last 5 years, have you been refused, or declined property insurance before?
Will the home be owner occupied only, or will there be any renters?
No, just me (us).
Yes, there will be a renter(s) in the home.
What type of home do you own / are you buying?
Single Family Dwelling
Side by Side Duplex
Up/Down Duplex
Bareland Condo
What type of heat is in your home?
Forced Air Electric
Forced Air Gas
Electric Baseboard
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What is the age of the heating appliance in your home?
Less than 10 Years
Less than 20 Years
Over 20 Years
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Is there any wood heat?
How many amps is the electrical panel? (This can be found on the main breaker of the panel, and is "etched" into the tip of the switch.)
60 Amp
70 Amp
100 Amp
200 Amp
Not Sure
What type of wiring is in the home?
Knob & Tube
I have no idea
Please Indicate if your home has any of the following types of Plumbing. (Check all that apply)
Copper (Usually used as a water supply line, and sometimes as a drain)
ABS (This is the black plastic drain lines)
Pex (This is the plastic water supply lines)
Cast (Usually found in older homes and is part of the drain lines)
I have no idea
How old are the shingles?
0 - 5 Years
5 - 10 Years
10 - 15 Years
15 - 20 Years
20 + Years
I'm not sure
What is the current limit of insurance on your home? (If you're buying a new home, just put "Not Sure". What Limit of Sewer Back Up coverage would you like? (Sewer Back Up covers you for any damage caused by water or sewage entering your home through a sump pit, floor drain, or plumbing fixture)
Indicate your age so we know if you qualify for a mature discount.
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